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At the Law Offices of Jeffrey D. Garfin, our goal is the same as yours; successful timely results. We understand that these are challenging times for those seeking immigration benefits. As such, we are committed to not only delivering the highest level of service, but to maintaining a keen awareness of the Trump administration's new polices and executive orders affecting your rights. For it is only by staying abreast of this ever-changing landscape that we can help you navigate a path toward success.     


When you come into our office, you are not a number and you are not on the clock. We are prepared to invest as much time with you as is necessary to give your case the individual attention it deserves and the best chance to succeed. We recognize that you are trusting us with your most important goals and greatest fears and to earn that trust, we are committed to being upfront with all aspects of your case and our representation. This includes informing you at our first meeting, what you can expect along the way, how long the process may take, and the costs and fees involved. We want you to leave our office knowing that your case is in good hands and being handled by a professional that truly cares about helping you, not just what's in your wallet.




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Immigration Services

Law Offices of Jeffrey D. Garfin provides services in all aspects of immigration law, with a focus primarily on family and employment based immigration, including providing waivers for those with challenges to admissibility. Our proven track record in assisting those seeking Asylum also speaks for itself.  The goal is always to provide our clients a tailored solution to address their immigration needs and to deliver with the highest quality and efficiency.

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